Supported projects

Supported projects

European School of Brussels-Argenteuil (EEBA)

EEBA (European School of Brussels-Argenteuil) is an international, multilingual school offering the European Schools’ curriculum. It offers a world class education together with the opportunity to stay connected to home languages and cultures. It provides access to schools and universities in home countries and across the world. Thanks to the Alcuin Funds for the school, EEBA obtained a grant to … Continue reading European School of Brussels-Argenteuil (EEBA)

École démocratique de l’Orneau

The non-profit organisation “l’Écolieu de l’Orneau”, in Gembloux (Belgium) encourages the sharing of knowledge through an egalitarian approach. Cohesive and inclusive venue accessible to all, the project invites people to experiment new social and economical practices towards sustainable development. Established 5 years ago, the ASBL École Démocratique de l’Orneau (Écolieu de l’Orneau) was driven by … Continue reading École démocratique de l’Orneau

The Anne Misonne School

The Anne Misonne School is a unique structure, recognized by the Belgian French-speaking community as “home schooling“. It provides primary education adapted to children with learning disabilities, who do not find their place in ordinary or specialized education. The goal is to lead the children to the maximum of their ability by offering an entirely … Continue reading The Anne Misonne School

School for Dialogue

The School for Dialogue is a private school, located in Anderlecht, which welcomes 100 students from 3 to 18 years old. The school’s ambition is to give access to a full contributive citizenship. The mission of the School for Dialogue is to show that every motivated child naturally surpasses himself or herself both in academic … Continue reading School for Dialogue

Sainte Bernadette School

Saint Bernadette School is located in Tarbes, France. It is a non-contractual school that was created in 2016, with 15 students in two classes. Today, it has 60 children in three classes of double level, 2 professional teachers and 2 voluntary teachers. The main objective is the blossoming of each child, as well as the … Continue reading Sainte Bernadette School

Agnes School

Agnes School was founded in 2002, initially offering French-Dutch immersion education. Building on its reputation based on a commitment to excellence, the school encountered a fast-paced success. It now totals more than 320 students, about 40 teachers and now offers the choice of a language course, in the French-Dutch section or in the French-English section. … Continue reading Agnes School

Lycée Molière

The Lycée Molière is an international francophone school with an English immersion program. Our goal is to give each student the means to succeed in a warm and demanding environment. The Lycée Molière is a non-subsidized institution that provides general secondary education (full cycle), based on the official program of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation which approves … Continue reading Lycée Molière

Mon école extra-ordinaire

MEEO is a project that aims to give back to “school dropouts” the desire of learning. This school, located in Annecy-le-Vieux in France, is a transition for young people with neurodevelopmental disorders (autism spectrum disorders, severe learning disabilities), the time to heal, to get to know themselves better in order to find the strength and … Continue reading Mon école extra-ordinaire

Collège Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or

Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or is an independent catholic boarding school for boys tucked away in the midst of the Belgian Ardennes. It is however easily accessible by car or by train (on the direct line from Brussels). We believe in providing a rounded education from Year 6 onwards, fostering the intellectual development of each child, … Continue reading Collège Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or

Sint-Ignatius College

Sint Ignatius College is an independent public school located in the Flemish region (Overijse) in Belgium. It is a unique school that provides quality Catholic education in a small structure. It also offers a boarding school, which has a capacity of more than 60 students. After a start in September 2015, the college continues to … Continue reading Sint-Ignatius College

Saint-Dominique Savio

Saint-Dominique Savio is a private school (ASBL Relay Group) which welcomes pupils in difficulty (+ or – 75 %) and children from Christian families. Situated in Mouscron, there are around seventy children enrolled in the nursery and primary school, thanks to the hard work of its seven teachers and many volunteers. The school, which is … Continue reading Saint-Dominique Savio