Collège Notre-Dame au Coeur d'Or

Collège Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or

Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or is an independent catholic boarding school for boys tucked away in the midst of the Belgian Ardennes. It is however easily accessible by car or by train (on the direct line from Brussels).

We believe in providing a rounded education from Year 6 onwards, fostering the intellectual development of each child, their sporting achievements and artistic talents while at the same time nurturing their spiritual life.

Set up as a non-profit organization (ASBL), Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or has benefitted from the financial support of the “Fonds Alcuin” which enabled us to recruit a sports instructor in 2019, as well as to carry out renovations in the boarding house in 2020.

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Our vision:

Notre-Dame au Coeur d’Or offers a comprehensive education to all its students.

Spiritual and intellectual development:

Our aim is to provide our students with a rigorous and structured intellectual education. We value teaching in small class sizes, overseeing the individual progress of each child, supervised independent study as part of a structured lifestyle.

The school is divided into Houses, nurturing a strong spirit of solidarity and loyalty, and encouraging sensitivity to the needs of others.

Under the joint patronage of Our Lady of Beauraing, St Thomas Aquinas and St John Bosco, the school seeks to assist each of its students in their journey of faith, within the framework of a safe and inclusive environment. We are supported in our mission by the brothers of the community of St John.

Co-curricular activities:

Rugby is an integral part of the life of the college for the values it promotes such as team spirit and physical and mental stamina. It is coached in English.

Our students’ artistic talents are encouraged through regular choir practice and drama.

Thanks to the unique location of the college, the students can enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, listening to the call of the deer, jogging, …