Sint-Ignatius College

Sint-Ignatius College

Sint Ignatius College is an independent public school located in the Flemish region (Overijse) in Belgium. It is a unique school that provides quality Catholic education in a small structure. It also offers a boarding school, which has a capacity of more than 60 students. After a start in September 2015, the college continues to grow and establish itself as a permanent structure.  The school is recognised by the Flemish government (and therefore issues full secondary school diplomas) but is not subsidised, so it depends directly on donations and contributions from others. Financial support from the Alcuin Fund was granted mainly to ensure the supervision and animation of the boarding school.

The school was opened in 2015 on the initiative of some Belgian Catholic parents, in collaboration with three priests of the Servants of Jesus and Mary. The splendid buildings of the “Oude Klooster” are available for the school and the boarding school.

Sint Ignatius School is an ASO school (Dutch-speaking general education) with the options Latin or Social Sciences. It is a deeply rooted, open-minded and good-hearted Catholic school.

The teaching is given in Dutch, with a the general college agenda. The 32 hour per week programme is concentrated over five days, with Wednesday being considered a family day.

More information about the school can be found on the website.


News :

Barbecue, Open Day, St Nicholas visit …. The school has no shortage of activities.